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Perfect place where to buy art online or sell art online, exlusive, original Art for everybody. OnlineArt are suppliers of unique, original and other exclusive art installations, perfect for creating a desired image either at home or in the office.

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Information for collectors When you buy through Us you are helping established talented artists consolidate and maintain their reputations. So you are helping foster a lively art scene and create opportunities for artists to turn professional.
credit card protection

Credit card protection

You are protected by your own card issuers protection schemes.

Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee

Full 14-day money back guarantee (no questions asked).

Money escrow

Money escrow

Payment is held in escrow until you have actually taken delivery

Delivery monitoring

Delivery monitoring

We take the hassle of dealing with individual artists away.

Online Art The purpose of OnlineArt is to offer you, the talented artist, a platform from which to sell your art online to the public, without any of the hassles of having your own web site and dealing with e-commerce.
The Free

The Artist for Free

Just photograph your artworks and upload them. We'll take care of creating a great-looking gallery complete with thumbnail images. Our commission 25%

The Premium

The Premium Artist

There is absolutely no risk to you whatsoever; we carry all of the financial risk of running this site ourselves, including spending large amounts on search engine marketing and press advertisements.



Is divided by Paintings, Prints, Photographs, Glass Art ...

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Find artwork according to the medium. Oil or Assemblage ...

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Have a preferred style of art ? Search for art by style.

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View art by certain subject matter of art content in our e-Gallery.

Online Art Search for an artist by Gallery, Medium, Subject or Style. Our search is based on broad artistic terminology; we use the reference terms the general public know and understand for simple navigation.
intensive interaction

Intensive interaction

Create your events and invite your friends for a private view or an art-fair. Join groups and take part in open discussions on areas of interest within a community of professionals.



Ask other members art related questions and thus get valuable help in researching art items, thoughts or anything related to your studio practice.

Our community Our community is designed with an emphasis on individual needs. We feel that it is the right way to give you freedom of privacy. Every visitor may share anything he/she wants.

Artist of the Month

Interview with Alejandro Cabeza

OA: What is your favourite film of all time?

AC: Even if it seems weird. I always come back to black and white. If I had to choose a cinematic figure who arouses in me the deepest admiration, no doubt I would pick Chaplin. I understand his critical sense of humor very well. If I were forced to choose only one of his films it would be very difficult... Perhaps Monsieur Verdoux. Overall I am a big fan of historical, thrillers and science fictions films; but I certainly enjoy any good film regardless of the genre to which it ascribes. As I noted in an interview before a genre that inspires me especially from the professional point of view is the western, by the widespread prevalence of landscapes. I also appreciate movies with a neat soundtrack; for me, music is important. Among the movies I've seen recently, and lately I don't find so many films per year that excite me, I would recommend All is lost, because of the message and Robert Redford's interpretation.


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Gallery Recommendation

Krunoslav Lisac

Krunoslav Lisac
Born in Zagreb, Croatia 1963.

I shoot primary landscapes, but I also enjoy working with still life. All my photographs are processed and printed by myself.