My recent paintings take a critical view of feelings from my perception of my life experience and represent lost moments, memories or murmurs expressing what it is to be alive. They play with the history and relevance of painting itself – representation, technique, abstraction, fantasy and realism. The paintings reference astro-physics, quantum-physics, philosophy and world religions focusing on the complex inter-relation between all of these theories. The dominating role of psychoanalysis means the all layers in painting are metaphorical; each viewer projects their view of reality onto the surface.

I use a combination of a ‘wet on wet’ technique and a ‘glazing’ technique, which is mostly done on the canvas, helping me to create lushness within my paintings. The depth within the paintings allow them to have a life of their own, the viewer can deal with it on their own terms.

Comment :

"Art is continual progress in which I have found myself”.