Desmond Talbot Limited is pleased to introduce the extraordinary glassware of L'Anverre to the UK marketplace. L’Anverre is a multi-disciplinary art collective that has been active since 1986 within the fields of art, design and projects for tolerance. Creating art and developing design is the fruit of a common effort. Presently the most active
members are Sem de L’Anverre and Kris Henkens. The art collective is based
in Antwerp, Belgium.

Work of L’Anverre is being exhibited worldwide including in Europe, Americas, Asia and Middle East eg.: Ninaji-temple Kyoto ( Japan ), Chàteau Musée d'Annecy ( France ), Abitare del Tempo Verona ( Italië ), Open Heineken Golf Hilversum ( The Netherlands ), Royal Society of Zoology Antwerp, Saint Augustin Church Antwerp, Design Museum Ghent and Queen Fabiola Hall Antwerp ( Belgium ). In addition to their own art and design collections, L’Anverre also has designed with or for Kreon, Zanotta, Saks Fifth Avenue, Royal Boch, Dark, Daniël Ost, The Nomad Concept, Spiridon, Versace Miami, ...

L’Anverre is being internationally published and awarded. At the end of 2007 the first gallery opened its doors in the centre of Antwerp.

“L’Anverre aspires to interaction between beings, materials and the environment. The concept of the individual creator becomes, in is ultimate phase of realisation, a collective event. This explains the great variety from design objects, often with extravagant forms, to mega sculptures and installations. Art critics have subconsciously a tendency to list art under the sole heading of 'style'. This is not possible with L’Anverre. Their work is too much fun, sometimes too nonchalant and sometimes too baroque, even though too much cannot be a negative appreciation here. The frivolous and impish aspect is due to the personal character of the creators. And this is
why one can speak about an integral work and not about a form of fashion. L’Anverre, you are delicious genies of the artistic chaos.” - Lieven Daenens, Director of the Design Museum of Gent, Belgium