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About Us

An artist may not be able to fully devote his or her creative bent of mind when people are unable to appreciate the artwork simply because of the insufficient exposure of art. OnlineArt was conceptualized by an artist to reach much wider art lovers over the Internet. This journey to creative excellence is now spearheaded by a group of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of art, finance and public relations.

OnlineArt now provides a platform for fellow artists where they can reach millions of art lovers without any hassles of marketing and selling their artwork. We take this responsibility so that they can fully concentrate on their creativity. The simple and straightforward approach makes it very easy for the art lovers to buy a unique piece of work.

OnlineArt website has emerged as the most renounced showcase of stunning art, prints, and original creative works by the leading artists from Britain and other European countries. We don't only sell artwork from reputed and successful artists, but also showcase some of the exciting works of talented budding artists.

Direct from the artist

OnlineArt empowers the esteemed art lovers to search in a hassle-free manner and directly access the art source. You get original artwork as your paintings are dispatched right from the studio of the artists.


We provide every fine detail, right from the size of portraits to its mounting details while you browse through the artworks as per your search criteria. This information helps you in making the right choice when you are looking for artwork.

Artists' eye canvas views

We showcase high-resolution images so that you can see the details like canvas grain and artist's brush strokes.

Support and sponsorship

OnlineArt allows you to support and sponsor your favorite artists. When you buy creative works of your favorite artists, you are not only helping them to consolidate their work, but also encourage them in keeping up their great works of art.
We also showcase some of the exciting works of budding artists and therefore, this platform provides an opportunity to promote art and culture by supporting these new artists to become mature and professional.

Buyer protection

OnlineArt is known for its professional approach to artwork marketing and quality service. We provide complete guarantees of your satisfaction and always extend our helping hand to promptly resolve issues that might disappoint you. So, take a smart decision to buy from our art showcase.

Know who you're dealing with

You are no longer required to approach individual artists by browsing through various websites. Our art gallery provides one-stop-shop to see the works of reputed artists who have excelled with their creativity and professionalism. We maintain personal relationships with our artists and ensure that they are honest and reliable. Thus, our website protects you from the scammers who create traps for cheating people.

Avoid auction-site art buying woes

If you want to buy an authentic piece of work, you should always avoid auction sites. The price for artwork at these sites may be very attractive, but they might be selling unethically imported counterfeit works. Generally, these websites source artworks from large-scale suppliers who employ workers under sweatshop conditions to get the paintings.
We ensure that our artwork is actually painted by reputed artists from European countries. Our prices are far more competitive when factors like labor intensive quality works from reputed artists, quality art materials and delivery methods are considered. The assurance of authentic work and quality service is the hallmark of our OnlineArt showcase.

Credit card protection

We use Paypal as the main transaction processor for shielding our customers from any potential online fraud. When you use your credit cards, you get the protection from your credit-card issuers as per their terms of service.

Money back guarantee

We don’t compromise on quality and authenticity of an artwork at OnlineArt. Therefore, we are offering a 14 days hundred percent money-back guarantee to foster trust and confidence among our buyers. So, there is no change of getting ripped off when you buy artwork from our website.

Money escrow

When you buy artworks from OnlineArt, the artists don’t get their payment unless you receive your work and feel satisfied regarding its quality and authenticity. Your payment remains secure with us in escrow, and the artists are paid when you are fully satisfied. There is no risk of receiving delayed delivery or counterfeit imported artwork on buying from OnlineArt.

Delivery monitoring

You will be surprised to know that we monitor every transaction and track the consignment to ensure that your artwork is safely delivered to you. You don’t have to deal with individual artists and your consignment.

Realistic prices

We don’t believe that artwork should be subject to the imperfections of bargaining power. We also understand that customers prefer fixed prices to buy with confidence. Therefore, we are following a policy of fixed pricing

The satisfaction of promoting art and culture of your country by supporting the artists at Online Art can be priceless for art lovers. You are not only supporting the budding artists, but also contributing towards the art and culture of your country. The paintings of many reputed artists provide a very safe investment, which may even bring a fortune for your children.