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Social Network

Online Art Social empowers our users with a massive social network to engage and interact with fellow artists and art lovers.

  • The streams of our social network provide every possible interaction by liking or commenting on the thread. When users like a comment on the stream everyone liking or commenting on that stream is notified.
  • You can see the activity of your friends and other members of this site by simply filtering the stream.
  • The streams of the art community network are also available within groups and events.
  • When updates to the threads occur, the auto-update feature notifies the users in real-time.

social network

Photo Gallery

The strength of OnlineArt Social lies in the extensive Photo Gallery that holds the treasure of artwork.

  • Our members can simultaneously upload many photos. Our image uploader is powered by HTML 5 codings to automatically queue and upload these pictures.
  • The photo gallery of Online Social Art is absolutely stunning. The albums include many interactive features like photo tagging, content discovery modules and comments. You will definitely feel impressed by neatly displayed albums.

photo gallery


The Online Art Social is fully equipped with multimedia capabilities. You can host your own videos or embed videos from other video sharing sites. You are not required to pay anything for using these additional features.

  • Our members can directly upload their videos or share the videos from other popular video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Our members can also outsource video encoding to other service providers at a nominal cost. It can significantly reduce the load on Online Art Social servers.



The event manager of Online Art Social empowers you to easily manage your events. It uses Google map to exactly pinpoint your event anywhere in the world.

  • You can create events on your online art social network to engage fellow artists and art lovers. In fact, no means of communication can provide better personal interaction than the open event participation.
  • You can follow the policy of restricted invitation by limiting the number of participants and manage your event by controlling attendance.


User Groups

You can engage your potential customers at the emotional levels by creating highly targeted smaller groups. Online Art Social Groups help you in engaging art lovers at a more personal level.

  • You can use photos, videos and events to effectively communicate within closed groups. Discussion boards and file sharing capabilities improve the user experience as the community group members.
  • You can make public groups to engage a sheer number of art lovers while closed private groups allow more intimate personal interactions. Private group members are supposed to join the group only after being accepted into the group by the admin.


Privacy Control

We are very serious in respecting the privacy of our social-network users. Our privacy policy is very robust and effective in ensuring that our member’s personal information remain secure.

  • Our members are empowered to restrict the access of their content to friends only, site members, or can open to the general public.


Facebook Integration

You are not supposed to compete with Facebook or other leaders of social network, but you can use these social networks to leverage your own social network and engage with your potential customers.

  • As a community member, you can use Facebook Connect login into the member’s Facebook account, invite Facebook friends, publish activities on Facebook and share your status updates.

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