Sunday, 28 December 2014 19:38

Alejandro Cabeza

Interview with Alejandro Cabeza

OA: What is your favorite film of all time?

AC: Even if it seems weird. I always come back to black and white. If I had to choose a cinematic figure who arouses in me the deepest admiration, no doubt I would pick Chaplin. I understand his critical sense of humor very well. If I were forced to choose only one of his films it would be very difficult... Perhaps Monsieur Verdoux. Overall I am a big fan of historical, thrillers and science fictions films; but I certainly enjoy any good film regardless of the genre to which it ascribes. As I noted in an interview before a genre that inspires me especially from the professional point of view is the western, by the widespread prevalence of landscapes. I also appreciate movies with a neat soundtrack; for me, music is important. Among the movies I've seen recently, and lately I don't find so many films per year that excite me, I would recommend All is lost, because of the message and Robert Redford's interpretation.

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