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How to get started

After registration as a memnber of our art community you can find a link at the botton of any page ‘Join Us’ or follow the link to became a seller and start the process of reaching millions of art lovers through our Online Art platform. You can change your subscription to any one of our plans by following the links in the main menu (community – my subscriptions – show all). You are supposed to submit required information to access our services and showcase your artwork at OnlineArt. We may also ask you to provide or verify contact details and other information that we deem necessary for evaluating its value and potential to impress people.

Once you've created your account

Once your account is created, get ready to upload the pictures of your work. You will face no problem in uploading the images because we have made it very simple and straightforward. Once you have submitted the images of your artwork, our team of professional artists and marketing experts evaluate the potential value of your work and whether you can really sell your work on our platform. We strive to maintain the standard of our platform by selecting quality works. So, quality works are always accepted. However, if your artworks are denied, don’t get disheartened or harbor any feelings of remorse. You should take it as a challenge and produce an impressive piece of work. The entire screening process takes up to 48 hours under the normal circumstances. You can also mail your images at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to know whether you can sell your artwork at our platform. We will analyze your work and inform you so that you can go ahead and use our platform to reach potential art lovers.

How you get paid

We accept payment from the customers by cheque and online credit card processing facilities. Once we receive the money, you shall be notified by text message, email and if required by phone to deliver your artwork to respective buyers within five working days. You have to properly package your art work so that the consignment is delivered safely to the customers. We shall pay you after 28 days of confirmation that your consignment was safely delivered to the customer. The 28-day clearance period includes 14 days money-back guarantee and seven days each for delivery and return of artwork. You can receive your money through direct bank transfer, PayPal or cheque.

14 day money back guarantee

In order to foster trust and confidence among our esteemed customers, we offer a no questions asked hundred percent money-back guarantee for 14-days. You should acknowledge and consent to honour our 14-day money-back guarantee in case the customer is not satisfied with your artwork. You should accept the return of your artwork within the stipulated 14 days for any reasons, as long as the customers bear the cost of return consignment. However, you have to bear the cost of delivering the consignment to the customer. Our concern for quality and screening process insures that only one out of 214 artworks is returned.

Please go through our terms of service to fully understand the applicable rules and regulations for selling your artworks on our website.