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Sell art online with OnlineArt

If you are a talented artist, you can reach millions of potential art lovers to sell your artwork at a premium without creating your own website and bothering about the marketing of your artwork to engage potential customers. If you are affirmative about the following conditions, we will be delighted to have you in our OnlineArt portfolio:
• Do you belong to Europe?
• Can you upload quality images of your art?
• Are you willing to sell your artwork to customers?
• Have a flair to produce quality work with a creative bend of mind?
• Can you offer at least three original artworks to sell them?
• Are you willing to be responsible by taking your artwork offline in case you are unable to deliver your work on time?

How it works

OnlineArt takes the responsibility of marketing your artwork so that you can concentrate on producing stunning works of art. Our website has become the prime destination for serious art lovers who look for quality work. We showcase your work on our website and market your art through online as well as offline campaigns. We also process the payment through check or credit-card transactions. You get money and appreciation without devoting your valuable time to these chores.

Selling your art

You will be surprised to know that we offer unlimited web space to showcase your artwork in our gallery. You will get our marketing services by paying a very small fee or commission. You can opt for free showcasing and pay 25 percent commission when your artwork is sold or choose a paid membership with only 10 percent commission on your selling price for each artwork. Our charges are very moderate in comparison to high street galleries. Although, we showcase only quality work in order to cater serious art lovers and maintain the reputation of our website, but our quality concerns make you stand out from the rest of the artists. You are relieved of the risks and financial responsibilities of running websites, launching marketing campaigns and spending huge amounts five search engine optimization. All you have to do is to keep up your quality work.

Your key responsibilities

Your responsibility is limited to behaving in a professional manner and fulfil the following obligations in return for our marketing strategies and services:

• When buyers purchase your artwork, you are supposed to properly package and deliver your artwork to the respective buyer.
• In case you are unable to deliver your artwork, you are supposed to promptly remove your artwork from the website so that buyers do not suffer from the inconvenience of delayed delivery.
• You are supposed to understand the terms and conditions of our service. Therefore, you are advised to carefully go through our terms of service.

You set the price

We allow you to decide the selling price of your artwork. Obviously, it’s your creation and you should have complete authority to decide about the selling price. We only charge a small percentage as commissions meet out of running expenses like credit card processing fees, costs involved with marketing campaigns, invoicing, customer services and administrative charges, including taxes. We charge only 10 percent from our paid members and 25 percent from free showcasing.

You must include packaging and delivery costs

You should understand that you have to deliver your artwork to buyers from any country in the European community. Therefore, you should include the cost involved in materials, packaging and delivery of your artwork. We hope that as a professional artist, you will be aware about the cost of packaging and delivery of your artworks. However, if you don’t have any idea, £30 should be sufficient for delivering smaller articles. You should consult your courier service provider to find out the price of delivering larger artworks. You have to deal the cost of safely delivering your artwork to the buyer, and therefore, it becomes really important to understand the exact cost involved in creating your artwork and delivering it to respective buyers.