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Adding Items

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This article explains how to create and manage products for your online store.

  • Adding Items
  • Assign Products to a Category
  • Meta information Configuration
  • Assign Related Products to a Product

Adding Items

Step 1 — In the Dashboard, choose Catalog >> New >> New Product You will be redirected to new product editor page, displayed below:

adding items

Step 2 — Fill in all the required fields, which are indicated by a red asterisk (*). Most of the options obtain a tooltip that will help you explain its usage.

Step 3 — Click [ Save ] to save your changes.

Assign Products to a Category

Step 1 — In the product editor page, you have a pick-list to select which category you want to assign the product.


Step 2 — Select the category you want that product to appear in.

Step 3 — If you want your product to appear in multiple categories (maximum of 4 ), leave the pick-list or select at least one category.

Step 4 — Click [ Save ] to save your changes and you will be redirected to Category Listing page where you can select multiple categories.

Meta information Configuration

Meta information helps search engines find your product. The Meta Information fields appear below:

meta configuration

The Meta Information tab is for specifying metadata for a product. Metadata is descriptive information about a page that search engines can use to index your store’s product pages. This content is not visible directly on your website.

Meta Title: Specify a title for your product’s page. By default the name of the item is used.

Meta Description: Write a few sentences describing the content on the page. Though it is not visible on your page itself, some search engines will list this page’s search result using the meta description text.

Meta Keywords: Specify keywords that are relevant to the product. It is helpful to consider keywords that potential customers may search if they were searching for your products with a search engine.

Assign Related Products to a Product

Step 1 — Click the Related Products in the Product Listing panel in the Catalog.

Step 2 — In the product column, click Related: [ 0 ] in the Assign column adjacent to your product.

Step 3 — Once clicked, a pop-up will show all available products in your store. You can sort by categories to see the products you want to relate.

Step 4 — From the resulting list, select the X button in the related column for any products you want to add to the related products list for this product.

Step 5 — Click [ Save ] to save your changes.

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