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Artist’s statement

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Artist’s statement

Writing your statement

  • Make some time to write your statement.
  • Think around the topic: “Tell me about your practice.”
  • Choose the limit – length or time – about ¾ to 1 page A4.
  • First draft: write until you have completed the statement.
  • Do not stop and read – keep writing.
  • If you get blocked – develop a strategy to get around it.
  • When you have finished – put it away. Repeat this process 3-4 times.
  • When you have completed your rough versions – edit them together.

What you could cover

  • What issues do you deal with in your work?
  • What questions does your work pose?
  • What are your influences?
  • What are your inspirations?
  • What is the context to your work? (eg historical/contemporary)
  • What materials do you use – are they important to the ideas?
  • What processes do you use?
  • Some personal details and subjective thoughts?
  • What are the aspirations for the work?
  • How does/should the audience engage with the work?
  • What is the intended physical experience or spatial awareness created by the work?
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