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Photo requirements

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You have to upload at least two photos of your artwork, as follows:

Photo Requirements For Your Stunning Portfolio

The Gallery Photo

Example image

Tips and Requirements

This is the photo which will appear in customers' searches and in the galleries, so it has to fit certain requirements. It must be a photograph of the entire piece, including frame (if framed), but nothing else (crop out the surrounding wall for example). The photo should be shot straight from the front (photo should not be off-centre or skewed). We may reject the entire artwork if this photo does not meet the above requirements.

The Detail Photo

Example image

Tips and Requirements

This is a close-up of the a section of the artwork, showing the brush strokes and grain of the canvas so the customer can see what it will look like close up.

Reasons we may reject your artworks

To help you understand what makes art sell online, here is a list of reasons why we may reject an artwork. Remember we want to sell your art, but there is no point in having it in the gallery if it is not going to sell, and the quality of photos are the main reason for not selling.

  1. Gallery photo. The gallery photo has extra background showing. For example it shows the wall where it is hanging. Crop out everything that doesn't belong to the artwork.
  2. Gallery photo. The gallery photo does not show the entire piece. For example some of the frame (if framed) is not showing. Customers need to see all of the artwork in your gallery photo.
  3. All photos. The photo is skewed. Photograph your art square on from directly in front (does not apply to side view).
  4. All photos. The photos have watermarks or other markings on them. Ensure your photos don't have date stamps, copyright markings, extra white borders etc on them. The customer must be able to see exactly what they are going to get.
  5. All photos. The collection of photos for this artwork contains photos of another artwork. Each artwork has its own collection. Don't upload photos of more than one artwork into this collection.
  6. All photos. The photos are not of high enough quality. Photos must be sharply in focus and well-lit.
  7. Artwork. The quality of the art is not high enough to sell the piece commercially. Occasionally we have to take the difficult decision to reject a piece of art because the standard of artwork is not high enough. Please do not take offence at this decision, and feel free to try again. Not all art by every artist is accepted but we may accept some of your art.(not applicable for art dealers)
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