The best way I can describe myself is a Visual Story Designer, and the various works on site are intended to reflect that.
During my training as a Motion Designer at MoGraph Mentor (an online US school for Motion Graphics), I realised that the most precious part of the process for me is to work on the concept - doing the research and getting the feel for the subject. As I do the research the pieces of the story begin to come together. It is so exciting! The characters become alive - even if they are simply objects. I always like to perceive what that particular character would feel, what would they think and what are they going to do next!
I design stories with lines, shapes, colours, and textures. I have a passion for uplifting others with my artistic works. I aim for heartwarming depictions which are of my own original design and creation, and love to provide hand finished printed copies of these works for the discerning viewer.


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