I picked up the paintbrush again in 2007 for the first time since school and have regretted not painting for those lost years. After enouragement from my wife I entered a piece into patchings farm exhibition in the summer of 2007 which was selected for the highly commended category. This spurred me on to try different subjects and medium. December 08 I was invited to display my artwork at a christmas exhibition in London which was a great experience. In 2009 I plan to expand my portfolio, and enter more open exhibitions for valuable experience.
My art will be on display at the "View from the top" galley above waterstones bookshop in Nottingham between the 11th and 21st March.
Also on display as part of Sherwood Artweek on June 13th to the 20th in Nottingham, and on display in Arnold Library between the dates of 21st August and 11th September.