Born: 1952 in Prague, Czech Republic. In 1980 moved to Vancouver BC Canada. Love full of soul art with satisfaction of fun, interested in psychology and human history.Painting since childhood, mainly surrealist, last decade working in 3D wall sculpture combined with canvas and gold leaf.1961-1964 Public school of painting and drawing; //1967-1969 Private studies of applied art and design; // 1979-1981 Academic drawing and Architectural design under Milos Saska Prague, Czech Republic; //EXHIBITIONS IN CZECH REPUBLIC: Common, invitations and private exhibitions over 15 //EXHIBITIONS ABROAD: 1982 Vienna, Austria 1984 Los Angeles, California, USA;// EXHIBITIONS IN CANADA: Private exhibitions over 10 1987-1990 Continuous display at Ronald David Thomson Originals Only Works of Art Gallery Vancouver, BC 1991 West Vancouver, BC 1995 North Vancouver, BC 1996 North Vancouver, BC.