I was born in the Czech Republic and having completed my studies I am currently based in London. In my contemporary studio practice I use medium of print, photography and digital imaging. In printing I use techniques of mono-prints and screen-prints.

All my images come from photographs which I took on my walks in nature (most of them are taken in Czech Republic).

Typical within my work is using new media like Photoshop software where I combine multiple images to create new surreal or fantastical landscapes. Within these manipulated images, the boundaries of the landscape image are often pushed.

Whilst the narrative is vital, processes have also become significant within such works as I use various printing techniques predominately screen-print. Although these images are informed by photographic images, using printing techniques allows me to become more involved within the making process and the construction of images.
For physical presentation of my work I use stretched canvas with screen-printed images, canvas with digital images, mounted photographs and paper with screen-printed images.

As visual Artist I define the context of my work as landscape. I can identify with the works of landscape artist who deal with the rural environment. For example I would like to mention here the work of Peter Doig who use of colour I see as very inspiring. I’m also looking on the work of Elizabeth Magill who works contains print and paintings of landscape, focusing on recalling memory and place. Works of photographers Andreas Gursky and Jeff Wall is also inspiring. They are both working with landscape. I have been also looking on the work of Roman Signer, whose ‘action sculptures’ in landscape are very close to my ‘mirror’ work. By putting a surprising act or object, he gives a twist to a concept of the traditional picture of landscape. Also I found interesting the art of Signmar Polke who combines print and painting, and also some earlier paintings by artist Gerhard Richter. Also some not such popular local London Artists had deeply influence in my studio practice.

In my most recent works I have engaged with the reflection as the subject matter. Using mirror and water reflection within my photographic images – I explore imagery within the forest. As these reflect fragments of these environments they represent various levels of reality and entrances into the fantastical world.