Being associated with the classical and modern field of English literature, I felt the necessity to express myself in some way or the other in pictorial art. Therefore, I found resile by manifesting my vision and communicating my power of imagination by painting; a novice in this field but it is an ambitious venture and occasionally I appear to be successful in retaining the underlying theme of my pictures. To me that I felt very difficult to discuss visual language of my work but my paintings are far away from the pseudo values of artificiality and materialistic glamour. This world is in the process of transition; things are getting new shapes but nature exists in its true spirit of purity and glory. I have shared my silent soul with the scenic landscapic wonders of my land to find peace and tranquility. I am not looking for beauty or glamour but emphasizing more on originality and natural manifestation. I use colors to reflect environment but also for the atmosphere!

That they represent. The multihued misty moments with nature in my paintings gets viewer the feeling of being close to nature. I found solace in the open wild nature and endeavored to transform some of the scenes I absorbed in my mind at various locations on to the canvas. My inspiration comes from the forgotten sacred environment and nature we turn our backs to on a daily basis, to modern and materialistic age of television, computers and video games. From a chilly misty morning blanketed with snow to a warm bright field, my work is a fresh clean slate to the eye, a myriad of colors completing the composition. So I want to impart my knowledge, my capabilities of sharing feelings genuinely. I have tried to assert the superiority of imagination over reality on my canvases. This is not to say that my work is without intricacies, for I felt that even the darkest shadows are composed of almost imperceptible gradations of color and light but my canvases may leave some pl!
Peasant impressionistic traces of beauty and truth on you as John Keats says; Beauty is truth, truth beauty