My name is Adrian Wright and I am married with four children. I have been painting for most of my life however I have only turned to working as a full time artist for the last one year or so. I have worked in many different mediums and styles during my career, I am currently working in acrylics and have been for the last year or so. As for most Artists my style and the way my style evolves is the most important factor in my work, I believe the style I work in genuinely sets me apart from a lot of other Artists, I want to create a style of painting that is significantly different from other styles (classic and modern), I also want the viewer to be able to see and appreciate the difference in my style, when I say viewer I mean everyone not just art lovers! (I want to connect with people from all walks of life through my artwork). As you may see I use a palette knife to paint which has helped me greatly in the creation of my very unique and original painting style. I am influenced by various masters, all of which worked in the classic impressionistic style.(see below) Paul Cézanne, Edgar, Degas, Édouard, Manet, Claude, Monet, Pierre-Auguste and Renoir. If you are one of the many people that already own one of my paintings you will already be familiar with the first class service you receive, from the prompt delivery to the careful packaging of the artwork.Also when creating my work I use only the absolute finest materials, all my paintings are protected from the elements by a clear varnish I apply when complete, once varnished the painting is waterproofed and can be easily cleaned. Currently my work is being displayed in two gallery's, one in Germany(Paderborn stadt Gallery) and the other in the UK(Barefoot Gallery).I also sell work on-line through various on-line galleries. If you have any questions or comments regarding my work please contact me, even if you don't wish to discuss a sale I am always happy to talk about my number one passion in my life, original Artwork!! I want you to love my work, nothing else!



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Need to speak with you

By: on 8 August 2014 19:36  Hi ady
its me kes long time no spk sorry but lost all my contacts when we lost t/online bloody shit company......hope to hear from you have tried others with no joy ...

kes,ela and hanni oh yes eddy to

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